Permanently eliminates the cause of bad odours from public area, toilets, waste water/sewage tanks, grease traps and kitchen drains,   and also works "inside the pipes" connected to the sewage tank, providing an all-round action. 

Totally organic & easy to apply (dilute with water, pour or spray on affected areas).



This product has a double effect.  Firstly, it acts in seconds to eliminate the unpleasant smell. The second component "cures" the  cause (source) in a week. 

Ideally suitable for hotel rooms, toilettes, staff canteens, homes, concrete walls, ponds, sewage and wet garbage areas. Totally non-toxic & easy to apply (spray).


ODORCLEAN GRANULE It permanently eliminates the cause of bad odours from public 

areas, toilet and kitchen drains, working into waste waters wells and sewage tanks. 

Totally organic & easy to apply - just pour a bag of the product into the water, and let the granules sink to the bottom, to start working.


 Cost-effective solutions for Resorts & Luxury Villas! 


OdorClean, is a collection of products that eliminate unpleasant odours and smells from Hotel Rooms, Resort Public Areas, Kitchens, Canteens, Meeting Rooms, Public Toilettes and Rest Rooms, Bathrooms and areas exposed to Organic Wastes and Garbage. Manifactured by White Crane Bangkok.



...a Happy Guest is a Returning Guest! 


It acts instantly to eliminate unpleasant odours, such as smoke and mildew, from room fabrics as well as toilet and bathroom smells for hours. Suitable for hotel rooms (can apply directly on bed, sofa, curtains, carpets), meeting rooms, passages and corridors as well as staff canteens, restaurant toilettes and wet garbage areas.  otally non-toxic & easy to spray.


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